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रविवार, 12 दिसंबर 2021

A Flood Scene or A City in Flood Essay Writing

 A Flood Scene or A City in Flood

Outline : Introduction, Scene - villagers, Temple, School buildings, Market, Help, Conclusion.

"Floods are the nature's Wrath"

Introduction : Last year when I reached Sitapur there were no cloud in the sky. The weather was hot and dry. But the next day it rained for hours together. The result was that all the houses began to leak and there was a flood in the locality.

Scene : The water in the rivers Rose very high. All The villages near their banks were surrounded by the water. Water was everywhere. Roads, bridges and Railway lines where underwater people suffered very much. There was much loss to life and property.
Next day I went with my friend to see Shiam Nath Temple. When I was going towards it, I saw the whole of Tam-Sen  Ganj in water. River Sarain was full of water. Its water had entered into the field of ujagar Lal Inter College.
The Collectorate compound presented No Better sight.
The houses had collapsed and flood water washed them away. Dead bodies of the cattle could be seen floating on the surface of the water. Some people had climbed the top of the the trees and cried for help all the fields with rich crops Where are also under water. Reach crops of the farmers where destroyed. So they were put to a great loss.

Help : Some kind hearted people collected money for the help of the victims. Villagers of Nimsar sent milk for the children. People of Lucknow sent food grains. Seth sagar Mal supplied cloths to them. Some people gave money freely for the sufferers.
Conclusion : Though local people and officers did their best more help was needed. I cannot forget what I saw there. It is still clear in my mind.

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