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शनिवार, 11 दिसंबर 2021

The book that inspired you most : My favourite book : Essay Writing

 The book that inspired you most : My favourite book

Outline :  

  1. Introduction 
  2. Description 
  3. Theme 
  4. Characters 
  5. Conclusion.

Introduction: The Ramayana is my favourite book its author is Tulsidas. Thought its name is "Ram Charit Manas" it is better known as The Ramayana. It is written in verse. It isVery famous book of India. Many people read it with great devotion.

Description: It is the life story of Rama who was the eldest son of king Dasaratha of Ayodhya the king sent him to forest for 14 years because rammas stepmother Queen ke ke pressed him very much Lakshman and Sita went with Rama in the forest Sita was secretly secretly carried away by Ravan the king of Lanka so Rama invented Lanka with the help of Monkey race and killed Ravan after a fire battle then he got back his wife Sita and returned to Ayodhya where he was crowned.

Theme: The theme of Ramayana is that the good wins in the end and the evil is defeated. He who does mischief and troubles the good and innocent, must be punished in the end.

Characters: The main attraction of the book lies in its ideals Lakshmana was an obedient brother. Sita was an ideal wife. Bharat had no love for The Throne. He kicked it off like a football when he could easily become king. Ram was very brave, Virtuous, Noble and generous.

Conclusion: I like this book very much. Its language is simple and musical. It's ideas are lofty. It gives us an ideal picture of an ideal society. Its reading gives peace to the mind. So I like to read it again and again.

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