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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tally Under Group List

S.R. Account's Name Under Group
01 Accrued Income Current Assets
02 Accrued Rent Current Assets
03 Accrued Income Current Assets
04 Advertisement Expenses Indirect Expenses
05 Advertisement Payable Current Liabilities
06 Air Conditioner Fixed Assets
07 Apprentice Premium Direct Incomes
08 Audit Fees Indirect Expenses
09 Bad Debts Indirect Expenses
10 Bad Debts Received Indirect Incomes
11 Bad Debts Reserve 
(last year balance)
Indirect Incomes
12 Bank Balance Bank Account
13 Bank Charges Indirect Expenses
14 Bank Commission Indirect Expenses
15 Bank Loan Loans & Liabilities
16 Bank Overdraft Bank OD
17 Bills Payable Current Liabilities
18 Bills Receivable Current Assets
19 Bombay Branch Branch & Division
20 Bonds Current Assets
21 Building Fixed Assets
22 Capital Capital Account
23 Car Fixed Assets
24 Car Expenses Indirect Expenses
25 Car Repair Indirect Expenses
26 Carriage Direct Expenses
27 Carriage on Sales Indirect Expenses
28 Cash Cash in Hand
29 Cash at Bank Bank Account
30 Closing Stock Stock in Hand
31 Coal & Fuel Direct Expenses
32 Coal, Gas & Water
for Factory
Direct Expenses
33 Coffee Expenses Indirect Expenses
34 Coke Expenses Indirect Expenses
35 Commission (Cr.) /
Commission Received
Indirect Incomes
36 Commission (Dr.) Indirect Expenses
37 Computer Fixed Assets
38 Consignment Stock Current Assets
39 Consumed Material Direct Expenses
40 Coolage Direct Expenses
41 Creditors Sundry Creditors
42 Debtors Sundry Debtors
43 Deferred Expenses Current Assets
44 Deferred Income Current Liabilities
45 Depreciation Indirect Expenses
46 Depreciation Reserve Current Liabilities
47 Difference in Trial Balance
(Dr/Cr) जिसका विवरण उपलब्ध ना हो
Suspense Account
48 Discount (Cr.) / Discount Received Indirect Incomes
49 Discount (Dr) / Discount Allowed Indirect Expenses
50 Donation दान Indirect Expenses
51 Electricity Indirect Expenses
52 Expenses on Purchases Direct Expenses
53 Expenses on Sales Indirect Expenses
54 Export Duty Indirect Expenses
55 Factory Fixed Assets
56 Factory Expenses (Lighting, etc.) Direct Expenses
57 Factory Incomes Direct Incomes
58 FDR Current Assets
59 Fire Insurance Indirect Expenses
60 Fitting Charges Received Indirect Income
61 Forex Gain Loss Indirect Expenses
62 Freight Direct Expenses
63 Freight Inward Direct Expenses
64 Freight on Purchase (Freight Inward Direct Expenses
65 Freight on Sale (Freight Outward) Indirect Expenses
66 Freight Outward Indirect Expenses
67 Fuel & Power of Factory Direct Expenses
S.R. Main Account's Name Under Group
68 Furniture & Fitting Fixed Assets
69 Sneha Capital A/c Capital A/c
70 Sneha Drawing A/c Capital A/c
71 Supplier Name Sundry Creditor
72 Customer Name Sundry Debtor
73 Cash A/c Cash in Hand
74 Petty Cash A/c Cash in Hand
75 Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
76 Cash Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
77 Credit Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
78 Purchase-Soap A/c Purchase A/c
79 Purchase Return /c Purchase A/c
80 Sales A/c Sales A/c
81 Cash Sales A/c Sales A/c
82 Credit Sales A/c Sales A/c
83 Sales Soap A/c Sales A/c
84 Sales Return A/c Sales A/c
85 Trade Discount on Purchase Purchase A/c
86 Trade Discount on Sales Sales A/c
87 Cash Discount Received Indirect Income
88 Cash Discount to Customer Indirect Expenses
89 Telephone Expenses Indirect Expenses
90 Salary A/c Indirect Expenses
91 Wages A/c Direct Expenses
92 Fuel Expenses A/c Direct Expenses
93 Overhead Expenses A/c Direct Expenses
94 Fees Received Direct Incomes
95 Interest Received InDirect Incomes
96 Share Capital A/C Capital A/c
97 Equity Capital A/c Capital A/c
98 Partners Capital A/c Capital A/c
99 Generel Reserve A/c Reserves & Surplus
100 Share Premium A/c Reserves & Surplus
101 Indian Bank A/c Bank OD A/c
102 Debenture A/c Secured Loans A/c
103 Loan From Bank Secured Loans A/c
104 Loan From Outside Party UnSecured Loans A/c
105 Loan From (Friend) UnSecured Loans A/c
106 Sales Tax Duties & Taxes A/c
107 Salary Payable A/c Provisions
108 Rent Payable a/c Current Liabilities
109 Liabilty of Expenses Current Liabilities
110 Investment in Share Investments
111 Fixed Deposits Deposits(Asset)
112 Security Deposit A/c Deposits(Asset)
113 Telephone Deposit A/c Deposits(Asset)
114 Sales Tax Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
115 Telephone Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
116 Rent Deposit A/C Deposits(Assets)
117 Electricity Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
118 Advance to Supplier A/c Loans and Advances (Assets)
119 Advance Salary A/c Loans and Advances (Assets)
120 Advance to ICE Pvt Ltd (supplier) Loans and Advances (Assets)
121 Customer A/c Sundry Debtors
122 Rayal Traders A/c Sundry Debtors
123 Advance received from Customer Sundry Debtors
♡♡ Some Accounts For Servicing Companies
124 Professional Charges A/c Sales A/c or Direct Income
125 Consulting Fees A/c Sales A/c or Direct Income
126 Rent Received A/c Indirect Income
127 Interest Received A/c Indirect Income
128 Commision Received A/c Indirect Income
129 Delivery Charges A/c 
(if inluded in purchase bill)
Purchase A/c
130 Wages A/c Direct Expenses
131 Postage Charges A/c
(if inluded in purchase bill)
Purchase A/c
132 Carriage inwards A/c Direct Expenses
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